A bride-to-be on Reddit is frustrated that her parents are throwing a joint engagement party for her and her sister — especially considering her sister isn't actually engaged yet!

"I just got engaged to my partner of [four] years, and my parents said they would throw us an engagement party. They are paying for everything, but want to make it a shared engagement party for both me and my sister. I have a slight problem with this because my sister isn't actually engaged," she wrote on Reddit.

"She has been dating her boyfriend for 12 years, and he gave her a promise ring shortly after my engagement. We're all in our late 20s/early 30s, so pretty much everyone except for my sister and our parents thinks that it is kind of childish and ridiculous," she continued.

The woman has tried to convince her sister that her boyfriend might not want to get married, but she "has stayed with him and held out hope."

"And I suppose she took the promise ring as a 'close enough' kind of gesture because she is treating it exactly like an engagement ring. My fiancé reached out to her boyfriend because he was equally confused and said 'Uh, are you guys engaged?' and he outright said that they weren't. Nonetheless, my sister is showing the ring to everyone and even putting together a wedding planning binder," she revealed.

The bride-to-be feels bad for her sister, but "she's also a grown woman and I don't feel like I should have to enable this farce."

"I've been dealing with 'Don't forget about [sister]! Make sure [sister] is included!' my whole life and I was really hoping that my engagement, if nothing else, would actually be my own. I'd rather just not have an engagement party at all than play along with this weird fantasy," she concluded.

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Readers in the comments section backed the soon-to-be bride and suggested her parents might have ulterior motives for the joint engagement party.

"She's not 'excluded,' it's just not hers. Where does it end? White dress to the wedding. Come along on the honeymoon. Your parents are the kind of parents who will let her do it. Draw your line in the sand here and now," one person wrote.

"The parents probably want this to push the [boyfriend] to actually get married to her sister. Sounds pretty desperate and they'll keep dragging her into everything," another suggested.

"Throw your own party, your wedding and events surrounding it should be about you and your partner and your relationship and no one else," someone else commented.

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