Are you ready to be surprised? How is Nevada not the #1 state for everything adult website. No offense to Nevada but it is America's adult playground so to speak, or not speak since "what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas."

Even the last state on this list is a head-turner.

When it comes to the OnlyFans website where people create the most accounts per 100,000 people, Connecticut rules.


Now in case you're not familiar with the OnlyFans platform, it's a racy, adult website where people set up accounts and users pay to watch whatever turns them on.

From someone with a foot fetish who wants to watch feet stuff to someone who wants to watch partially nude cos play or enjoys watching someone cook naked, the OnlyFans website is a place were customers can subscribe and pay the creators to watch their fantasies or fetishes.

Do you want to get your fitness tips in a provocative way or enjoy roll playing with someone you can't actually touch? Welcome to OnlyFans.

OnlyFans Creative Fund Filming
Getty Images for OnlyFans

According to the CT Insider, 97% of the OnlyFans accounts are based around the New Haven area where those creators earn nearly $430 per month.

But rest assured all makes sense again as Nevada ranks second with the majority of creators around the Las Vegas area. Hawaii came in third.

The website BedBible conducted this study but my company computer has the  BedBible site blocked because don't all companies block adult websites? From what I can gather when I Google BedBible is that it's basically a website dedicated to sexual wellness and adult toys and product reviews.

I'd jump on my phone to research where the rest of the country ranks but who knows what will start popping up so I'll leave that to you.

New York is last by the way. That's a pretty big deal considering the population of the state, too.

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