Could you imagine believing that your boyfriend ghosted you, only to later discover that he was hospitalized, in a coma? That's exactly what happened to a couple who shared their unbelievable story on TikTok.

Haley Woloshen and Cody Bryant met while they were both vacationing back in 2022. They discovered that they both live in California, just a mile apart from one another. They hit things off and spent their vacation together and the next "few weeks" back at home together. Shortly after, Bryant went on a trip to Ibiza. During his international travels, he was driving a moped when a car hit him. He was immediately hospitalized and subsequently fell into a coma and was diagnosed with a traumatic brain injury in addition to partial paralysis.

Meanwhile, Woloshen was at home regularly communicating with him while he was abroad only to have all communication cease from his end one day, when he was in the accident. She didn't know what happened, but assumed that he ghosted her, since he wouldn't respond to any of her calls or messages. It wasn't until she saw a GoFundMe for his medical bills that she found out what happened to him.

On Bryant's TikTok he compared their romance to the film, 50 First Dates, as he couldn't remember Woloshen due to his TBI. According to his TikTok, he focused on his recovery and physical therapy for the first few months before they reconnected and she started helping him "platonically."

"Neither of us expected it, but feelings started to build," he wrote in his video. "I joke that she won me over a second time."

Although it was a love story in the making, they had to struggle with “navigating boundaries between a relationship and caregiving was challenging.” Despite the rough road, they now "couldn't be happier" in their relationship "in sickness and in health." Bryant has since regained motion in his limbs but still has residual physical effects.

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