Here's an important reminder.

A fire department in the U.K. issued an important reminder as we enter the summer months.

The reminder gets right to the point, NEVER leave sunglasses on the dashboard of your vehicle.

The lens of the glasses, if left in the vehicle, can act as a magnifying glass, thus causing the surface of a dashboard to heat up.

The fire department in England shared this safety tip after they responded to a vehicle fire, that was caused by such.


Someone left their sunglasses on the dashboard of their vehicle and it resulted in the dashboard melting.

If you think back a few years, we had a similar warning about water bottles. They too can act as a magnifying glass and heat up surfaces if left in a hot vehicle.

Check out the photo posted by the fire department in England, and let this be a reminder to leave nothing in the vehicle this summer.

I'd also encourage you to share this reminder with others on social media. It's something we can't stress enough as we enter the hottest time of the year in south Louisiana.


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