Texas has 4 national forests within it. The biggest one covers over 163,000 acres but is nowhere near the biggest forest in the United States of America.

Sam Houston Forest covers 163,037 acres and spreads over 3 counties, Montgomery, Walker, and San Jacinto. There are also quite a few private land holdings within Sam Houston forest.

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There are a total of 4 national forests in Texas - Angelina, (153,179 acres), Davy Crockett, (160,000 acres), Sabine, (160.656 acres) and Sam Houston, (163,037 acres). Those, believe it or not, are itsy - bitsy compared to the biggest forests in the country.

The acreage for the top 10 biggest forests in America is measured in millions.

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The smallest of the top 10 is just a couple of hours drive from El Paso. Surrounding the Silver City, New Mexico area, the Gila National Forest covers 2.7 million acres.

Of all the top 10 biggest forests, the next closest one to El Paso is the Tonto National Forest near Chandler. It comes in at just under 3 million acres, 2.9 to be exact, in size.

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For the biggest of the big dog forests, Alaska is the place to go. (Wait, isn't pretty much the entire state of Alaska considered a forest?) The Tongass National Forest comes in at 17 million acres.

Not all that huge when compared to the total acreage that makes up the state of Alaska. The largest of the 50 United States covers 424,491,046 acres. Coming in at number 2, (and WAY under that number), is the lone star state.

Texas only, (ONLY??), takes up 171,891,725 acres.

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