I recently interviewed my friend Chris, who experienced firsthand the terror of an active shooter situation at a Walmart in Amarillo.

Disgruntled former Walmart employee Mohammad Moghaddam took hostages during a workplace dispute. After an hour-long standoff, the Amarillo Police Department's SWAT team shot and killed him. Thankfully, no one else was hurt.

In case you don't have five minutes to hear the full interview, here are a few excerpts. I asked Chris what happened:

"We're in line getting ready to check out and just a few aisles down we hear this loud pop, which is the gun shot, we didn't recognize it right off the bat [...] people started freaking out, telling us there's a gun, get out, run," he told me.

Despite the panic, Walmart employees did a stellar job according to Chris.

"I have to give major props to them, there was a lot of them cool and controlled [...] they made sure everyone was accounting for," he said.

Chris also gave props to the government agencies involved during the incident.

"It was a sight to see, the entirety of the [Amarillo Police Department] descending on the place, within five minutes there was just cops everywhere, sheriffs department, chopper, ambulance, fire truck, swat team, bomb squad, just the whole nine, it took them no time to be there in full force," Chris told me.

Needless to say I am so grateful that Chris and his son are okay, and I sincerely hope that I never have a friend in this situation again.

I'd like to give my personal thanks to the Amarillo Walmart employees who used their training and their good sense to handle this situation in a way that minimized the damage done and ensured the safety of my friend. I was also impressed at the speed and organization of the various Amarillo agencies that led to the safety of every innocent bystander.