This kid has got some good karma coming his way.

Up in Muldrow, Oklahoma, ten-year-old Daniel Crase recently lost his Uncle Brian. Brian, unfortunately, had a heart attack and Daniel has lost his best friend. Daniel wanted to do what he could to help pay for his uncle's funeral. Being just ten-years-old, not a lot of job opportunities. So Daniel decided to sell his toys to help out.

Daniel tried to have a yard sale but didn't have much luck. He then decided to set up outside of a local convenience store and was able to make some money. As of this post, he has made $400. That is a little bit away from his goal of $5,000. Daniel's grandmother Brenda is very proud of her grandson. "It made my heart feel good because I know that I raised my baby the right way, and he has love in his heart," she said.

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