Tech-Savvy 4-Year-Old Saves His Unconscious Grandpa with an iPhone [VIDEO]
Four-year-old Kanden Jones may not know the difference between taking a nap and blacking out, but he sure knows how to use an iPhone. It was a guys’ day for the kid and his grandfather Carl Jones when the two were out deer hunting in the woods. When the worst happened — thankfully not a hunting disaster — Kanden was left with an unconscious grandpa.
Wilson Ramos Rescued in Police Raid on His Kidnappers in Venezuela
After 51 hours in captivity, Washington Nationals catcher Wilson Ramos was rescued on Friday after being kidnapped from his home in Venezuela. Investigators quickly found the car used to abduct Ramos, and the house used to prepare for the kidnapping. From there, they zoned in on a cabin in the mountains where they suspected Ramos was being held.
Firefighters Use Mouth-To-Nose Respiration To Save Dog’s Life In Gut-Wrenching Photos
What’s better than a firefighter? Two animal-loving firefighter with huge hearts. On Tuesday in Wausau, Wisconsin, firefighters Jamie Giese and Jared Thompson were responding to a residential blaze when they found the homeowner’s seven-year-old yellow Labrador, Coda, trapped inside. Once they got him out, they performed mouth-to-nose respiration and gave him oxygen — despite having no formal train