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Texas I am asking us all to come together. Yes I disagree with you on many things. For instance we had a debate not too long ago on whether it is punch buggy or slug bug. The correct answer is punch buggy, by the way. We also need to have a discussion on Cokes one day.

Every soda does not equal Coke, but that's a discussion for another day. I am aware we will have differences throughout the country when it comes to certain things. I will not allow a woman from Nebraska to ruin the Buc-ee's name. Listen above to how she pronounces our beloved pit stop.

She is now claiming she did this on purpose to piss us all off. Which is why I'm starting to hate Tik Tok honestly. So much people are just starting s*** to go viral and guess we can add this to the list. So congratulations mam, here is the attention you ordered. She has now begun trolling other things we love in Texas.

Above my man Kenny Black had a perfect response to the viral video. Should I have just ignored this video and not commented on it? Probably, this woman just wanted to go viral and she did. Hopefully, when someone in the future does this, you just ignore so it a bunch of people don't send to me to comment on.

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