It’s become one of the hottest ‘local’ pages on Facebook: You Know You’re From Wichita Falls When?

Some fond (and maybe some not so fond) memories are being shared on this page.  Some great names I’ve not heard mentioned in a long time have come up: Grandy’s, King’s Crest, Western Sizzlin’, T G & Y-all institutions of sorts in this community.  Remember Gibson’s Discount Centers?  I sold everything from paint to firearms there in the early 90’s, toward the end of their run.  And I, as do many, many others, have fond memories of shopping there with my mother and grandmother in the 70’s and 80’s.  They were THE store before Wal-Mart came to town.

Stardust Club, Little Brothers; do those names ring a bell?  How about cruising Kemp and parking at closed businesses along the way to visit with all your buddies (I’m sure that is no longer tolerated-what a shame).  It’s amazing how much things have changed here over the years.  Businesses come and go.  Traditions come and go.  Some things are missed more than others.  But memories are nice to have.  Remember hitting the Taco Burrito on Kemp or Old Iowa Park Road back in the day?

Unless you’re at least 40, you probably don’t know that what is now Sutherlands on Southwest Parkway was once known as "Treasure City".  And let’s not forget the memorable radio stations and personalities: KWFT (Joe Tom White, Earl Sargent, Lonnie Padron-just to name a few).  Did you know rumor has it comedian George Carlin worked in Wichita Falls as a disc jockey in the 1950’s?  He is thought to have replaced the legendary Snuff Garrett at KSYD-990 AM.  And there is my personal favorite, what is now News Talk 1290. During my childhood, it was KTRN-The Mighty 1290, with personalities like ‘Mad’ Joe Martin and the late James Bond.  Now, 1290 is the oldest, continuously broadcasting station the Falls-pretty cool, huh?   And let’s not forget our motorsports heritage: the late Indy racer Lloyd Ruby called Wichita Falls home and the one and only Eddie Hill-now in his mid 70's, is still climbing behind the wheel!   Be they people or places in Wichita Falls history, not all the ‘greats’ are gone.  Not yet.

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