Episode 6 of 1923 began airing via Paramount+ on Sunday morning (Feb. 12), and it offered up a mix of violence and unexpectedly tender romance as the story of the Duttons continued to unfold.

What Happens With Spencer and Alexandra in Episode 6 of 1923?

1923's Episode 6 shows us that Spencer Dutton (Brandon Sklenar) and Alexandra (Julia Schlaepfer) have survived the tugboat wreck that ended Episode 5, though he has to dive to save her. They still face risk from sharks who are circling the upturned wreckage, as well as exposure to the elements and lack of food and water, but they are finally rescued by a ship that Spencer flags down by firing his rifle.

Who Gets Married in 1923 Episode 6?

Once aboard the ship, the captain warns them that Alexandra will have a difficult time gaining admittance at the U.S. border when they finally arrive, and Spencer counters by saying they should marry, since that was their plan anyway and it would allow her to enter as his spouse. Thay marry right there in the captain's quarters with him officiating, and Alexandra wears his dead wife's ring that he offers as a gift, saying that's what his wife would have wanted. The episode ends with an unexpected ray of light as Alex declares her undying love to Spencer.

What Happens With Teonna Rainwater in Episode 6 of 1923?

Teonna has gone home with Hank after he offered to help her get in contact with her family, and they burn all of her clothes and items left over from the Indian School ... but he does not want to burn the Bible for fear of the white man's god, who he worries will turn him to salt. They dress Teonna like a man, hoping to help her hide out from the men from the school after she killed two of the abusive nuns there, and he promises to send his son for her father.

Meanwhile, lawmen show up at the home of Teonna's grandmother, who (truthfully) protests that she does not know where she is. As one of them begins to tear her home apart, she tries to stop him and he shoves her, hitting her head against her stove and killing her. He and the other lawman concoct a cover story to cover up her murder as they continue the search for Teonna.

What Happens With Jacob and Cara Dutton in Episode 6 of 1923?

Jacob Dutton is continuing to get stronger as he recovers from the attack Banner Creighton (Jerome Flynn) carried out against the family, and with the news that Spencer is returning home, he's beginning to plot revenge by assembling a posse, since Cara is struggling to find enough men to officially hire as livestock agents.

She brings Sheriff McDowell (Robert Patrick) out to the ranch to see Jacob's condition, and he tells Jacob that he should have reported the attacks immediately, adding that he will take statements and arrest Banner Creighton. Cara also warns Jacob against vengeance, telling him that he has suffered less than the rest of them — and he replies by telling her, "My concern is survival," adding, "I know how much you've suffered, and I thank you for it .... it's their turn now."

What Can We Expect From the Rest of 1923?

1923 airs each Sunday on the Paramount+ streaming service. The show — which serves to connect the original Yellowstone prequel 1883 with the modern-day Duttons — will run for two seasons, and Paramount+ recently confirmed 1923's Season 2, with details forthcoming.

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