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Wednesday night's 2020 Vice Presidential Debate from the University of Utah was different in tone from last week's first presidential debate. While, Vice President Mike Pence and Senator Kamala Harris did interrupt each other multiple times, the tone was calmer and more civil.

One of the more divergent discussions of the debate was VP Pence and Senator Harris' opinions concerning a potential COVID-19 vaccine. ABC News noted the candidates responses:

"If the public health professionals — if Dr. Fauci, if the doctors tell us that we should take it, I'll be the first in line to take it, absolutely," Harris said. "But if Donald Trump tells us I should take it — that we should take it, I'm not taking it."

"So, the fact that you continue to undermine public confidence in a vaccine, if a vaccine emerges during the Trump administration, I think is unconscionable," Pence said. "And Senator, I just ask you, stop playing politics with peoples' lives. The reality is, that we will have a vaccine, we believe, before the end of this year."

Meanwhile, FOX News focused on a discussion concerning the Supreme Court and how Senator Harris wouldn't answer a question concerning packing the Supreme Court with additional justices.

"Are you and Joe Biden, if somehow you win this election, going to pack the Supreme Court to get your way?" Pence asked. Harris side-stepped the question as you can see in the video below:



Alex Wong, Getty Images
Alex Wong, Getty Images