That sounds like a made up number, but it's crazy fun fact about Texas.

Ever Heard of The Helium Monument?

Here's a very strange piece of Texas history I learned today. Amarillo, Texas was once responsible for 90% of the helium in the country. Which is a crazy number when you think about it. To honor the 100th anniversary of the discovery of helium in Amarillo, Texas they erected this structure. Along with this structure a time capsule is buried inside each of the legs. Apparently they're supposed to be opened at certain times throughout the years.

What's in the Time Capsules?

According to Atlas Obscura, books, artifacts, and documents that will tell the future generations about what life was like in 1968. Here is what I am focusing on today. The time capsule that will be opened in 2968. Yes, just under 1,000 years from now supposedly one of the legs of the time capsules is supposed to house a passbook for a bank account of ten dollars in 1968. It's estimated that the bank note will be worth over one quadrillion dollars in that year. Not sure who gets that bank note once it opens up? Hopefully the citizens of Amarillo all get a piece.

When Will the Next Time Capsule Open?

The time capsule opens in stages. Twenty five years, fifty years, one hundred years, and finally one thousand years. The fifty year time capsule opened in 2018, news report on it above. The next one opens in 2068, I will be an old man at that point if I am still alive. So may have to get the nursing home to plan a road trip to Amarillo to see this thing open up.

2968 Will Be The Big One!

Unless some CRAZY advancement in modern medicine happens, I don't think I will be making it to the 1000 year opening of the time capsule. That is the one that has the bank note. So best of luck to future generations once that thing opens up. You got a nice investment coming your way.

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