The Ice Bucket Challenge may be waning as a trend, but that didn’t stop a group of teenagers from playing a disturbing prank that could land them in legal trouble.

The teens, in Bay Village, Ohio, told an autistic 15-year-old boy that they wanted him to do the Ice Bucket Challenge. Then, they poured urine, excrement, cigarette butts and spit on him. The video was shot on the victim’s phone and uploaded to Instagram.

You can see the incident in the news report below.

The boy’s brother can’t comprehend what happened:

I mean, the first thing that popped into my mind was like, why could someone – how could someone do this? How could someone really be this cruel to someone?"

The boy’s family says it wants the footage to be seen to help others in the fight against bullying.

Police are investigating the matter and say it could be weeks before any charges are filed.

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