Anybody happen to spot one of these today?

Today I Learned About the Gordon Bennett Balloon Race

No need to think that an alien is in the sky or this is some sort of spy drone from China. Apparently since 1906 a hot air balloon race has taken place to see who can fly their hot air balloon the furthest. This year, they started in New Mexico and have been working their way east. Today, folks started spotting them all over Texoma.

Team Poland Went Right Over Wichita Falls Today!

According to the Gorden Bennett tracker for all the teams. Parts of Southern Oklahoma had balloons all over it earlier today. However, a couple of balloons made their way a little more south towards our area. Krzysztof Zapart and Piotr Halas flew right over Wichita Falls for Team Poland. Looks like they're working their way towards the Dallas area as I keep an eye on them.

Team Austria, Also Very Close to Us

Christian Wagnar and Stefanie Liller of Austria went right over parts on Holiday, Texas today. The whole point is endurance in this race. Who can go the furthest across the country, without touching the ground. The average team will go for 50-65 hours in the sky. The longest time ever was back in 1995, Wilhelm Eimers and Bernd Landsmann flew for a whopping 92 hr. 11. min.

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Don't Worry, This is a Sanctioned Race

The FAA and military are aware this race is taking place. No need to call if you see one of these balloons over the next day or so. It's all in good fun and hopefully some Wichita Falls wind helps Team Poland stay up the longest. Don't think that's how it works, but go Poland!

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