She brought you into this world…

…and you almost believe her when she says she can take you right back out!  Yeah, that’s right, I’m talkin ’bout yo mama!  For a person you are to love, listen to and care for every day of the year, here’s a Mother’s Day Top Five List and guide by Joshua David on the best places in Wichita Falls to take your mother!  And don’t fret if you live outside of Wichita Falls, you’ll find places and activities like these close to where you live too.

But first, some ground rules:

1.  There is no complaining from you on Mother’s Day.

2.  As soon as you see or talk to your mother, the first words out of your mouth should be some form of “I love you mom, thanks for everything!”

3.  There is no complaining from you on Mother’s Day.

4.  Let her sleep in, rest, relax and do whatever She wants until she is ready to get up.

5.  See rule #3.

6.  Be kind, be loving, be appreciative, be caring, be grateful and let your mother know how much you love her.

7.  Suck it up, get over it, deal with it and just do it because it’s her day and there is no complaining from you on Mother’s Day.

Now, let’s begin…



Take your mother out this Mother’s Day for some popcorn-eating, comfy-chair sitting, possibly 3-D-movie-watching fun!  Sure, you can always sit at home and watch a movie, but someone has to make the popcorn and snacks, clean up the mess from the popcorn and snacks, soak up the soda mess…and we all know who that normally is…MOM!  Take the stress away from your mom and keep cleaning-up out of the equation by  ”going to the movies.”  And since moms are notorious for giving up what they want to watch for what others, especially their kids, want to watch, take her to: 1- Carmike Cinemas or 2-Cinemark and let HER pick out the movie that SHE wants to watch. (Oh, and boys, don’t forget to open the door for her either.)


#4 Out to eat!

Have I mentioned that mom’s usually do all of the cooking and cleaning (yes it’s a stereotype but mostly true, hence the “stereotype”).  And if you bring a ton of people over for dinner, i.e. the whole family, she has to plan, prepare, cook and clean for even more people than normal.  So…remove that stress from both you and her by letting someone else wait on her while you keep her entertained with the latest “goings-on” in your life.  Wichita Falls has over 363 restaurants with plenty to choose, but here is a list of Joshua David’s personal favorites for your mom to pick from:  1-Corinos, 2-Cheddars, 3-Olive Garden, 4-Texas Roadhouse, 5-Alfredo’s, and 6-On the Border.  And if you know of a restaurant that she loves to go to, well then, what are you waiting for?  Get her there!


#3 The Ice Cream Shop

Any day is a great day for ice cream or frozen yogurt, especially with the recent explosion of stores here in Wichita Falls.  The stores are tantalizing the taste buds with their various forms of old fashioned ice cream and frozen yogurt.  Plus, they come complete with a candy buffet to top things off.  Take your mother to  one of this DJ’s top three choices:  1-Orange Leaf, 2-Yogurt Journey or 3-Maggie Moo’s.


#2 The Park

With the weather warming up, but having the existence of a cool breeze, the park is a beautiful place to take mom on Mother’s Day.  My park of choice in Wichita Falls is Lucy Park, located by Seymour Hwy and Central Expressway.  With plenty of concrete paths to ride bikes on, skate on or just walk on, Lucy Park is a wonderful place to enjoy the weather while combining it with some physical activity to help the food you just ate digest.  And if you want to go all out, you can skip choice number one, run to Market Street and grab some fresh food to bring with your picnic!


And finally, the #1 Choice of Joshua David’s Top 5 Best Places in Wichita Falls to take Mom on Mother’s Day:  Home with her Family!

Dorothy knew what was up when she said “there’s no place like home” and chances are, there is almost no other place your mother would rather have you!  When was the last time you went to your mother’s or the last time you took her to your house?  You can hit up the movies, go out to eat, grab some frozen dessert, take a walk in the park and cap a perfect day off by hanging out at the casa talking with mom, playing games with mom, laughing at your hyped-up-on-ice-cream-kids with mom or learning more about the woman who you celebrate as mom.  Whether you do all 4 choices before this, some of them or just decide to do this one, spending time at home with your mom re-strengthens the bond between you and her.  Love, respect and gratitude are built when you give her your time and your attention.  Look and laugh at old pictures, watch funny videos, reminisce about the past, share past stories of growing up and current stories about of your kids. Have your kids make her a personal card, a gift or a photo.  The wonderful thing about home is that the possibilities are endless in an environment that is more cozy and relaxing.

Can’t make up your mind?

Then grab some dice!  The first round of dice rolling will decide which one, or several, of the top 5 choices you choose to take mom on (roll a “5″ for the movies, a “4″ for eating out, a “3″ for ice cream and so on).  The second round of dice rolling will help you decide on the specific restaurant, ice cream or theater establishment to go to (they’re numbered for this purpose, 1 thru 6).


A few tips:

Look ahead to next year’s Mother’s Day by taking taking photos of your activities the whole day.  When the day is done, you’ll have enough photos to fill up  a picture book order to give to mom next year, as well as photos you can show everyone by adding them to The Buzz Facebook wall.

If you’re still in need of some flowers, run by The Basketcase in Wichita Falls, today, where they have a beautiful assortment of fresh flower arrangements and chocolates just for Mother’s Day.

Most importantly, remember to tell your mother you love her and appreciate her…then tell us about it on Facebook or at the bottom of this post!

Oh, and Happy Mother’s Day!