You have thought about doing it, don't lie. Is it possible to visit every Buc-ee's in Texas? One family proved it is possible.

When it comes to a road trip across Texas, many folks love seeing that Buc-ee's beaver on a billboard. You know you can refill up the gas tank, get some good food, and have a clean bathroom. What if your only goal for a road trip was to only go to Buc-ee's?

The Buc-ee's Plan

Judy Martin took the grandkids on an epic journey while they were on Spring Break this year. Visit all of the 34 Buc-ee's locations in Texas. She talked about the journey in a Facebook group called Buc-ee's Road Trip.


The van the family was even traveling in, had a little checklist of all the Buc-ee's locations in Texas. Along the way they stopped in hotels and made a visit to a couple of waterparks so the kids could have some fun, but the one thing they had to do is visit every Buc-ee's in Texas.

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Hell, the Buc-ee's headquarters in Lake Jackson, Texas was even a stop on the list. When they said they were visiting every Buc-ee's they meant every Buc-ee's. Fun fact, Buc-ee's currently has 57 locations in the country and while the majority of them are in Texas. That little beaver is slowly becoming not just a Texas road trip icon, but an American road trip icon.

Now all I want are some beaver nuggets, but sadly I don't have a Buc-ee's near me. Maybe one day our neck of the woods can get one.

Texas Family Went to EVERY Buc-ee's in Texas

We have all thought about doing it. Stopping at every Buc-ee's while on a road trip, but this family did it over Spring Break and shared the photos with the world. Check them out below.

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