It’s finally 2022, which means that, like 2020, it’s an election year, and the primaries are right around the corner. One of the key races in this year’s mid-term election is the Texas Governors race. Even though Governor Greg Abbott is running for re-election, he has three major Republican challengers, Allen West, Chad Prather, and Don Huffines.

Now if you were watching the Cowboy’s game against the Arizona Cardinals last Sunday like me, you probably saw the ad for Don Huffines. The ad addressed the typical campaign promises such as a more secure border, and putting prayer back in public schools, however one issue stood out. At the end of his commercial, Huffines promised that if elected, the Cowboys will win another championship ring. If you can’t remember the last time the Cowboys won a ring, that’s okay. It’s been over 25 years since they’ve even made an appearance! In fact, they haven’t won one since 1996!

As someone who grew up in Dallas, I remember the Cowboys of the 90’s quite well. With Troy Aikman, Emmitt Smith, and Deion Sanders on the team, the Cowboys seemed unstoppable! While they have had some playoff appearances since then, and have had a revolving door of head coaches, the Cowboys have yet to win or even play in another one.

Even if Don Huffines happens to beat Greg Abbott in the Republican Primary, and wins the general election, and becomes governor, I don’t see how he can promise a championship. I’m sure that every new coach that Jerry Jones has hired over the past 25 years have promised a Cowboy’s championship, and have obviously failed to deliver.

If you missed the commercial during the game, you can check it out below:

Now even with last Sunday’s loss, the Cowboys have already secured a spot in the playoffs in the NFC East with their 11 – 5 record this year, so maybe this will be their lucky year. If not, maybe Don Huffines can give Jerry Jones and Mike McCarthy some pointers.

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