The 7 Benefits of Spicy Food. Here’s Why to Heat It Up!
You may have always heard that spicy foods are good for you. Like a good workout, spicy foods can make you sweat. Intuitively, we feel as if they are “burning a hole in the bad bacteria or incinerating any potential bugs or infections in our bodies. It’s a go
The Best Foods to Eat for Anti-Aging, From Dr. Fred Pescatore
When it comes to aging, everyone spends a lot of time thinking about what to put on their skin and very little attention to what they put into their bodies. That's backward thinking, according to one doctor who has written best-selling books about diet for weight loss, to prevent and help reverse si…
What Is Cultured Meat? Is It Good for You? Experts Weigh In
Cultured meat is coming, and all signs point to it becoming one of the biggest revolutions in the modern food industry – for two reasons: It could seriously disrupt animal agriculture, and it promises to alleviate most of the harmful impact of meat production on our environment. 

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