When you're looking for something to do on the weekend that's fun, sometimes unpredictable, and unique to Wichita Falls, local live theatre is always a good choice. While most of us are familiar with the main stage and dinner stage at Backdoor Theatre, the dinner stage at the Wichita Theatre is a little less well known. But it's definitely worth checking out.

Stage 2, the dinner stage side of the Wichita Theatre, is directly across the street from the front door to the Wichita Theatre Performing Arts Center's front door. The footprint was an old storefront and has been redone for dinner shows, everything from who-done-its like Clue where the audience is trying to figure out who did the dastardly deed and with what weapon, to intimate concerts, to classic movies.

A friend and I went to see Beetlejuice last weekend and had a blast. First off, there were several people in costume waiting in the lobby to take us to our table. Yes, being a dinner theatre venue everyone gets to sit at a small table so you can visit, laugh and chat through the performance without interrupting anyone else's evening. The ticket price includes a drink, bucket of popcorn and your choice of food items to munch on. I can't vouch for the other items, but the salads we had were delicious!

Dave Diamond

Being classic movies, and not being a venue specifically designed for movies, you don't get the big, surround sound experience that you would in a typical movie theater, but then these movies didn't have surround sound when they were new, so it doesn't really matter. What you do get is staff in costumes to match the show bringing your food to you and a fun evening that couldn't happen anywhere else.

They're about halfway through their Classic Movie Night series and the next show up is The Birds, a film that scared the bejeebers out of me when I was a little kid living on a farm, and Hocus Pocus. Both of these shows are this weekend and both would be great October date night options that are just a bit off the beaten path.

Image courtesy Wichita Theatre

If you're in the mood for actual live theatre, Frankenstein is currently running at Backdoor and The Sound Of Music is on the Wichita Theatre's main stage. Both will run through Saturday, October 26th.