Similar bans already exist in other parts of the country right now.

I currently do not own a leaf blower, but boy do I miss having one. Made that post grass cleanup a hell of a lot easier. Kicking it old school right now with a push broom myself. Looks like Dallas residents may have to make a change in the future if this new city ordinance were to pass.

A ban of gas powered leaf blowers is being proposed in the city right now. A big reason is for the emission a gas powered blower gives off compared to an electric one, but also the sound. I do think that an electrical blower is still loud, just not as loud compared to a gas powered model. The group claims a gas powered model with a half an hour of use creates more emissions than driving a Ford F-150 some 3,800 miles. Which sounds crazy.

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It's actually true according to this survey from the EPA back in the day. However, any leaf blower purchased since 2007 has really cut their emissions down drastically since then so the numbers this Dallas group is preaching isn't that accurate anymore. The problem with electric leaf blowers is for the landscapers.

Someone like myself can use an electric outdoor appliance for the 15-20 minutes it takes to edge or blow my driveway. I personally do have an electric edger, but it has died on me in the middle of the chore since I didn't charge it long enough. Someone in between jobs may not have enough time to charge if they're doing several properties like a landscaper.

Guess we will wait and see if Dallas makes a move on this.

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