Announcement, after announcement of music venues closing their doors for good started popping up all over North Texas.

Heartbreaking News for Live Music Fans in Dallas/Fort Worth

I have no idea why all these announcements came all within the same week, but sadly five different music venues announced they would be closing their doors. If you love going to shows in Dallas/Fort Worth scroll all the way through to see if one of your favorite venues has closed it's doors.

Hank's Texas Grill in McKinney, Texas

Owner David Reynolds wrote a very powerful message above to everyone that has supported his business over the past twenty years. After New Year's Eve, the venue for rock, country, and blues will be no more.

Thunderbird Station-Dallas, Texas

Thunderbird Station Facebook Page
Thunderbird Station Facebook Page

This restaurant/music venue opened in September of 2020. Owner Kim Finch told D Magazine she has done everything she can to try and stay open. However, they don't have enough costumers to keep the place open any longer. The venues Facebook or Instagram do not have an official announcement. However, both pages list it as closed.

Isis Theater in Fort Worth, Texas

This venue could do a little bit of everything. Movies, plays, and concerts. The sad thing with this venue is the closing came out of nowhere. People that had tickets purchased for events in December are trying to get refunds, but no response from anybody on that. Also performers scheduled to play here are scrambling to get a new venue.

Twilite Lounge in Fort Worth

Be careful with this one. They also have a location in Dallas which is remaining open. The location in Fort Worth is sadly shutting down. This New Orleans inspired venue will be missed by many.

Lola's in Fort Worth

Finally we come to our final music venue in North Texas closing its doors this week. The owner used to be a part of The Wreck Room in Fort Worth when that was a music venue. Sadly that closed down due to city development. So he helped open a new music venue in Fort Worth. Some very popular bands/artists have played here including The Toadies, Maren Morries, and Cold War Kids.

Why Are So Many Music Venues Closing?

I really don't have an answer, but according to some owners of local music venues in DFW. The younger generation just doesn't support live music like they used to. I hope to never write a story like this again. I hate to see so many music venues closing down in such rapid pace.

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