I’m a lifetime Wichita Falls resident. I was born here, raised here and have raised my kids here. And for as long as I can remember, I’ve heard this line over and over: “There’s nothing to do in Wichita Falls.” This is, of course, not true. There are events of some sort just about every weekend. Spring and summer bring a laundry list of fundraising activities; fun runs and poker runs, golf tournaments and more.

There are lots of for-profit events, too. But we don’t seem to understand the ideology behind buying tickets in advance. For one thing, you can usually save a few bucks buying early. But many promoters look to early, pre-event ticket sales to gauge how well the public will support an event. Several times in recent years, Wichita Falls has lost events and concerts because ticket sales were so poor in the days just before the event that the promoters feared it was doomed to failure, so they pulled the plug.  Advance ticket sales are important and often do well in markets of similar size. But the concept is just lost on us and I can’t understand exactly why.

Attitudes have to be part of the problem. We have a select group of individuals I call CAVE people -- Citizens Against Virtually Everything. They complain constantly, hold nothing but contempt for anyone who dares to suggest that Wichita Falls grow or prosper in any way and find no value in spending any time or any money taking part in anything, ever. Not anyone I’d want over for a cookout. All they’ll do is complain that the burgers aren't good enough. They live to suck the fun out of everything.

Then you have the uninformed, those who simply don’t realize what’s happening around them. We’re all busy these days. Between work, kids and life in general, it’s easy to miss the rest.  But if you pause for just a moment and take a look around (and listening to the radio doesn't hurt either), you’ll see that there is much to do in Wichita Falls.

So what’s happening in the immediate future?  Let’s take a look:

Monster Jam

Monster Jam is at the MPEC this Friday and Saturday, April 17-18. BIG trucks like the legendary Grave Digger, Scooby Doo, Metal Mulisha and more are part of the Monster Jam tour and they never fail to impress. Kids and adults alike love Monster Jam.  Click here for the official Monster Jam website.  Get tickets here.

MSU Football

MSU Maroon and Gold Spring Game is at Memorial Stadium Saturday, April 18.  Pre-game events at 5 pm, kick-off at 6:00 PM and guess what?  It’s FREE!  You’ve even got a chance to kick for $5,000.  And the weather will be perfect!

Make Me Smile Mystery Run

The Green Knights “Make Me Smile Mystery Run” is a fundraiser for The Children’s Aid Society and local veterans. It kicks off at 10:00 AM on Saturday at P2 in downtown Wichita Falls. Eat, drink, be merry and help kids and vets. It’s a good time even if you don’t ride!

Ruffles & Rust Expo

Ruffles & Rust Expo at the MPEC is Saturday, April 18, 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM. Ladies, this one’s for you. A shop-till-you-drop paradise under one big ol’ roof. Get in the door for a $5 bill. You've got that much change in your car's console.

Red River Wine Festival

Red River Wine Festival is at the JS Bridwell Ag Center, Saturday, April 18, 6:00 PM to 11:00 PM. Wine. Lots of it.  And it’s all in one spot. There’s also specialty beers and music. If you like a little adult beverage now and again and you’re over 21, this is your spot on Saturday night. You’re welcome.

This is just one weekend and we’re just scratching the surface! And let’s not forget Wildcat’s hockey and Nighthawks indoor football, parks and walking trails.

Yes, Virginia, there are things to do in Wichita Falls. Let’s get up, get out and support these things in our community. We have to show support for what’s here now to attract others later. See you somewhere this weekend!

If you have an event that you would like to add to our Wichita Falls event calendar, you can submit it here.