Guys, am I nuts or have you ever seen something like this before?

What the Hell Did I Just Order for Lunch?


I know what you're thinking? "What am I staring at?" That was my first thought when I stumbled upon the menu of Matt's Rancho Martinez, over in Allen, Texas. My aunt's mother in law lives in Allen and my aunt traveled down from Illinois to see her. I drove down to come have some lunch with them before my aunt heads out on a nice road trip. I was told to meet at this Tex Mex place and didn't think anything of it. Until I spotted something interesting on their menu.

Mexican Chicken Fried Steak?

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Chicken fried steak on a menu in Texas is nothing weird. Look at that country style, "Gravy, salad, and Texas toast". Nothing out of the ordinary. The other three? This is truly Tex/Mex right here, taking a Texas staple and covering it in Mexican toppings. I had to try it because I have never seen something like this before (unless I have been living under a rock).

What you're looking at is the Bob Style above. Yes, chicken fried steak cover in queso, sour cream, and guacamole. Yeah, I see some weird s*** like that on a menu, I'm gonna try it. You know what, not bad honestly. I'm not saying it was the greatest chicken fried steak I have ever had in Texas, but definitely the most unique. I would get it again, if I saw it on a menu.



By the way, if you decide to go eat at this place. Check out something called The Dinosaur Company, located literally behind the restaurant. They design dinosaur sculptures for museums, zoos, and theme parks. I think this maybe where the gas station in Henrietta got their dinosaurs from. They have a bunch of them drying in the parking lot before they get shipped off somewhere in the world.


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