Si Robertson's lung surgery has been completed, and according to an update shared by the Duck Dynasty star, everything went according to plan.

Robertson took to social media on Thursday (Sept. 8) to share a photo of himself in the hospital and update fans on his health post-operation.

"The doc says surgery went great. I’m ready to get back at it, Jack!" Robertson writes, telling fans: "Thanks for all the prayers and support. It means the world to us."

Si Robertson was booked for surgery after experiencing health issues for the past couple of years. In episodes of his podcast, Duck Call Room, Robertson attributed some of his lung and breathing problems to smoking. He also has COPD. These issues were exacerbated by a COVID-19 diagnosis in 2021.

The 74-year-old, who is lovingly referred to as "Uncle Si" by family and fans, announced he was approved for surgery in a June 2022 episode of the podcast. He explained that the surgery would place valves which would correct a problem related to a lung that was under-performing when he would exhale.

"I had some tests in Houston. There are a few more things we have to do, but it looks like I'm approved for lung surgery," he detailed at the time. "Then I'll be able to talk your ears off with even more stories, all guaranteed to be 95% true!"

He kept his promise, and the reality star's latest update was met with well-wishes.

Justin Martin, Duck Call Room co-host and Duck Commander General Manager, wrote, "Come on back! We got podcasts to do! Praying for ya old man. We love ya!"

Korie Robertson, Willie Robertson's wife, also shared her love through emojis of prayer hands, celebration hands and a heart.

Robertson talks more about his surgery in the latest episode of Duck Call Room, recorded before the procedure, below.

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