Around this time every year, the entire Texoma region bands together and donates to their favorite non-profit organizations in an event called Texoma Gives.

The official date set aside for this exercise in generosity is Thursday, September 10th, from 6:00 a.m. to 10 p.m., but you can get your donations in early on the Texoma Gives website.

From the website you can make one donation to your favorite cause, or several donations to several causes. You can even explore the matching donation opportunities to make your donation go much farther than it would have on its own.

You'll likely find most of your favorite organizations listed, Texoma Gives has donation opportunities for the Wichita Falls Youth Symphony Orchestra, CASA of Red River, River Bend Nature Center and more. You can enter the name of the organization you're looking for into their search function, search by location, or even search by type of cause if you know what activities you want to support but don't know the names of that type of organizations in our area.

From worldwide pandemics to natural disasters, this year has been filled with some of the most unpredictable, unexpected, and unusual events imaginable. Who could have foreseen the incredible water damage sustained at Backdoor Theatre? Now, more than ever, these non-profit organizations that add so much to the quality of life for everyone in Wichita Falls and the surrounding area need your help and support.

The original purpose of a day like Texoma Gives is to bring our region together for one day of giving, connect people with organizations that share their passions, and to raise money and awareness for those non-profit organizations. The initiative was organized and implemented five years ago by the Wichita Falls Area Community Foundation.

Online donations will be accepted at through Thursday, September 10th.

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