We need to pour one out for Eskimo memories today.

Eskimo Hut is one of those things that fascinated me upon moving to Texas back in the day. You mean to tell me I can run through a drive thru, get an alcoholic drink made fresh, and just drive off? No joke, my mom makes me go here every time she visits me in Wichita Falls. Sadly, what I believe is the more popular location will be closing down.

The location on Southwest Parkway and Kemp announced they're no more. Apparently the land was sold and this location will have to close. In the comments, someone running the page has said they will start looking for another location on that side of town. The good news is, we still have a location on Seymour Highway just outside of Tanglewood if you're craving one of those daiquiris.

Hopefully, Eskimo Hut can get a location back open that is close to MSU. I still say that plot of land just outside of the Mustang Village apartments on Southwest Parkway would have been perfect for an Eskimo Hut type place. A pool/spa company is now there. If I could have had a beer place within walking distance of my apartment back in the day, that would have been a lifesaver.

I hope that Eskimo Hut finds another location somewhat close to where they were, but we will have to wait and see. No word on what is taking over the property that Eskimo Hut currently posses, but some are guessing it could be a gas station for the United Supermarket that is suppose to go into the old Albertsons building. This has not been confirmed, but many people are throwing that idea around.

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