UPDATE 7/3/12: New Jersey Governor Chris Christie told CNBC's "Squawk Box" on Monday:

"This is an election with one voter, Mitt Romney. He gets to decide who he thinks should be the vice president of the United States," Christie said. "I love being governor of New Jersey, you can tell. But the fact is, if Gov. Romney picks up the phone and calls, you have to answer the call and listen at least."

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, yesterday's article was a bit prophetic.  Don't try this at home.  Leave it to us professionals, please.


Say whatever you like about New Jersey Governor Chris Christie.  He's not my idea of the ideal conservative, but the man is not afraid to speak his mind.  He is like the honey badger; he don't give a...well, ya know.

Mitt Romney was not my choice for the Republican presidential nomination.  No, he's not all that we've got, but he's what we've got.  That said, the right pairing could mean the difference between a clean sweep in November or a photo finish loss for Romney.

I think conservatives are ready for some grit.  Do I think Christie is more conservative than Romney?  Oh, my yes.  Are either of them as conservative as me?  Not even close.  Are they as conservative as I'd like a presidential candidate to be?  Not so much.  But Christie has some of the grit conservatives want.  And Romney could use the enhancement.  Besides, ones a business man, the others a lawyer.  They'll get along.  I  think.

Here's a sample of Christie's bite!

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