It is amazing that Americans elected a cognitively-challenged leader who did not even bother to campaign, except on Zoom calls from his basement. However, citizens continue to give Joe Biden way too much credit for his job on the economy. The constant refrain from pundits is that the Biden Administration “does not understand” how the economy works.

Kelly Anne Conway, for example, says that “someone needs to tell Joe Biden that things are not going well,” in the country. He needs to “readjust” his course. The president himself played into this by recently admonishing gas station owners to quit raising their prices. So much nonsense.

All of this assumes ignorance on Biden’s part, that he does not know what is happening in America. The truth is that all globalists, primarily Democrats, are purposefully crashing the economy in order to transform America into a Socialist country.  This is the playbook of internationalists since the inception of the United Nations, to which Biden has pledged allegiance decades ago.

What they are counting on is the American citizens’ ignorance, hoping that John Q. Citizen will keep giving the Democrats grace for simply being “uninformed” on supply-and-demand issues.

The United Nations, dominated by communists since its inception, has had one goal before it. How to curtail the freedom that has given America the world’s greatest prosperity? In tracking this goal, the intellectual revolutionaries from the period of FDR forward wanted to implement a redistribution of America’s wealth globally.

On the latter question, that has been settled by unconstitutional practice of Foreign Aid that has siphoned off much of the west’s wealth in order to send it to foreign countries. The former quest relies upon one single tool: Global Climate Change. Because of the supposed Environmental Crisis, the growing big government has started shutting down the Fossil Fuel industry.

This radical contraction of our economy does not even smell like freedom and liberty. But this is precisely what the Biden Administration is about. With malice aforethought, Joe Biden has purposefully curtailed the freedom of Americans to enjoy the fruits of our oil industry.

On day one in office, for example, Biden “shut down oil and gas lease sales from the nation’s vast public lands and waters,” reports AP news. He cites “worries about climate change” as reason for the moratorium.

As reported by Bloomberg news, “President Joe Biden’s administration is dramatically curtailing U.S. public land available for new oil and gas development as it restarts leasing with new environmental protections.” The Interior Department says “roughly 80% less land will be available for oil and gas leasing.”

According to the Institute for Energy Research (IER)

"The Biden Administration has not had a successful offshore lease sale since Biden’s inauguration—lease sales that are required by federal law—because the only offshore lease sale held in November 2021 was invalidated by a federal judge a few months later. The Biden administration has not contested the judge’s decision, which was that climate change was not adequately considered in the sale. In fact, the Biden administration only held the sale after being ordered to do so by another federal judge."

So, the Biden Administration is just as lawless on leasing land for oil drilling as it is regarding the border. He thumbs his nose at the law because of his adherence to the unproved doctrine of Climate Change.

"Earlier this year, the Biden administration canceled lease sales in federal waters off Alaska’s Cook Inlet, citing lack of industry interest. On top of these actions, the Biden administration has yet to provide an offshore lease plan for new oil and gas leases in federal waters that is required by law every 5 years. … The Biden administration continues to withhold oil and gas supplies from the American public."

All of this is not occurring because Sheriff Andy Griffith has left incompetent Barney in charge.












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