I see a lot of misinformation going around about this, so let's clear everything up.

So it was announced that Gordon Ramsay North America would be moving their headquarters from Los Angeles to Dallas next year. This had lead to some people starting to believe some outlandish things. Let's go through the lies people are sharing right now.

Gordon Ramsey is NOT moving to Texas

All though Gordon Ramsey will probably be visiting Texas more often, he has no plans to move to Texas right now. This is simply the company headquarters moving here. Who knows, he could move here in the future. However, he had made it clear he is not moving here right now.


Hell's Kitchen will NOT be filming in Dallas

Some people have been sharing that Gordon Ramsey's most popular show is also moving to Texas to begin filming next year. Once again, no! Hell's Kitchen will still film in Las Vegas for the time being. I have seen some people say, I can't wait to sit in on an episode of a show. Well you better buy yourself a plane ticket.


Dallas WILL be Getting Two Gordon Ramsey Restaurants.

The reason for the move is two simple reasons. One, tax breaks being in Texas. No doubt why so many companies are moving from California to Texas. The second, be in a more central part of the country. With this headquarters move, Gordon Ramsey North America wants to open more restaurants throughout the country.

They currently have 12 restaurants in the country, five of those being in Las Vegas. The plan is to open two restaurants in the Dallas area. One is called Street Pizza, which currently has no locations from Gordon Ramsay North America. However in London, they do have several locations.


It says it it a bottomless pizza restaurant? So is that a buffet? I will take an all you can eat pizza place in Dallas. Looks like in London it is 16 pounds per person, which is around 21 bucks for us.

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The other restaurant we're getting is Gordon Ramsay Fish & Chips. This has locations in Las Vegas and Orlando just down the street from Universal Studios. I will trust Gordon Ramsay to make a damn good fish and chips.


The restaurants are expected to open in late 2022, but don't be shocked if they open in 2023.

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