I saw today that a new historical marker was going up in Texas and it got me thinking about the ones in our town. I decided to do some research and found some very interesting ones throughout our area.

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First of all, want to give a massive shout out to the Wichita County Historical C omission. They have an amazing website with all the information needed on these markers throughout our area. You have probably seen some of these while walking or driving around town. Today though, I want to focus on some of the lesser known ones in our area.


For instance, did you know a pair of bank robbers murdered a Wichita Falls bank teller? A mob of townsfolk actually broke into the jail that the bank tellers were in and dragged them out. The townsfolk apparently lynched the pair in front of the bank building. Crazy story.


Did you know Wichita Falls used to have a zoo? Yeah, we had a zoo with over 300 animals, including an elephant named Miss Sugar. You mean to tell me I could have seen an elephant here back in the day?!


Ghost towns, Texoma heroes and founding fathers of the city all made my list. Check it out below. If you want the full list, you can check out the Wichita County Historical Commission. If you guys like the story, I may do this again on Archer or Clay County in the future.

Weird Historical Markers in Texoma

You probably know about some of this Historical Markers throughout Texoma. Maybe something signfying one of our schools or the Hotter N' Hell Hundred . Maybe one of the famous Wichitans like Joseph Kemp or Frank Kell. Today though, I want to share some of the less well known historical markers in Texoma.

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