While Houston is dealing with a debilitating flood, one weatherman has offered to publicly shame employers who fire people who can't get to work due to flooding.

While talking about the weather and flooding earlier this week, Fox 26 meteorologist Mike Iscovitz noted that some have expressed concern over missing work due to the flooding, offering to call out employers on air who fire employees who missed work because of the the flood,

If anybody got fired because they didn’t go out to work in this, call us/  We will expose that [employer] on the air in front of millions of people and embarrass them. I will do that. I’m serious.

Despite Iscovitz's stance, employers can unfortunately hold employees accountable during such conditions.  According to the Department of Labor, if a business is able to open but an employee cannot show up due to transportation issues, such as flooded streets, the absence can be attributed to personal reasons.  However, if an employee feels they've been unfairly disciplined due to the weather issues, they can file a complaint with the Texas Workforce Commission and the Department of Labor.

via Huffington Post