I love Wichita Falls. The longer I live here, the more history, character and mystery I find. For instance, we've got some really interesting buildings in town, each with their own story or two.

Did you know that the Kemp Center For The Arts used to be the Public Library? And it was a gift to the wife of one of our city's founders? Or that Elvis played Wichita Falls in the '50s and the venue he performed in is still standing? (Here's a clue, it was not the Wichita Theatre!) Did you know that one of our downtown buildings has been mentioned in Ripley's Believe It Or Not?

Those things are all true and well documented, but aside from the obvious, there is still a lot of mystery surrounding some of these "Storied" buildings in Wichita Falls. See and read about each building on our list in the photo gallery above!

If only those walls could talk! What stories they could tell!

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