Get your Red Rider BB gun and pink bunny costume ready. 'A Christmas Story' fever is catching in Wichita Falls.

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It is six days to Halloween and I am talking about Christmas, believe me I want to kick my own ass for this. However, one Christmas tradition I believe we all take part in is watching 'A Christmas Story' at some point over the holiday. It is literally on 24/7 during the big day. 2022 is the year of 'A Christmas Story' in Wichita Falls, why?

1. A Christmas Story Musical Coming to the Wichita Theatre

I will be extremely disappointed if this musical does not have a song called, 'You'll Shoot Your Eye Out'. I guess we will all find out together when 'A Christmas Story' Musical hits The Wichita Theater on November 18th, it will be running until December 17th. So plenty of time to take advantage of the show during the holiday season. Leave the BB guns at home kids.

2. Chickasha Leg Lamp Gets Massive Upgrade

Nothing like the soft glow of electric sex beaming throughout downtown Chickasha. The old man's major award as become a staple of the Christmas celebration for Chickasha. Thanks to a massive upgrade, the lamp is bigger than ever. Midwest Cooling Towers have been working hard on designing and building the leg and shade out of fiberglass over the past year. It took a crane this week to install the over fifty foot tall lamp downtown. You will be able to see it light up on November 5th for a big ceremony to kickoff The Festival of Light. Photo below is from last year's lamp.


3. New Movie Coming Out

Finally, we get a Christmas Story sequel. Hang on, wait a minute. We already got a sequel to this movie. Yes, back in 2012 they made an official sequel to A Christmas Story. So we technically already have A Christmas Story 2? I didn't forget Hollywood, I watched this piece of crap and highly recommend no one watch the 2012 version. The 2022 sequel HAS TO be better. In case you think I am making this up, watch the trailer below.

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