If you're a woman with questionable taste in men, then you'll probably be sad to know that the ridiculously good-looking felon whose mugshot went viral recently is a married man.

ABC news caught up with Jeremy Meeks from behind bars the other day where Meeks told a reporter that his wife informed him of his sudden internet fame. Meeks became the Internet's most popular felon after the Stockton, California police department posted Meeks' mugshot to their Facebook page where it has garnered almost 90,000 likes, 12,000 shares and almost 25,000 comments. Jeremy Meeks quickly became a new Internet meme.

But don't worry, he says he's not a bad guy. "I just want them to know, that this is really not me," Meeks said during his interview with ABC while in jail. "I'm not some kingpin."

 Watch ABC's interview with 'ridiculously good-looking mugshot guy' Jeremy Meeks below:

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