The temperature is getting hotter in Texas and as summer draws near everyone is looking forward to eating out instead of heating up the kitchen. I ran across a brand new study that shows what restaurants are most popular in certain States.

While it did not surprise me that Texans have a favorite fast food restaurant, what did blow my mind was the fact that nobody else in the entire United States shares the same opinion as Texas. Furthermore, the favorite restaurant in Texas was born right here in the Lone Star State.

What's even more amazing is that when I talked to family members and friends from all across the United States who visit us in the Lone Star State, they wanted to eat at Whataburger. Yes, Whataburger is the most popular and most Favorite food in Texas.

Who doesn't love Whataburger? Whether you are out after a night out Honky-Tonkin, lunch during the work week, or breakfast on Saturday or Sunday morning, we Texans have standards. So, why does every out-of-towner always scream "Let's go eat at Whataburger!" I don't get it.

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Nonetheless, Here are the Full State-By-State Results

  • Alabama - Captain D's
  • Alaska  - Domino's Pizza
  • Arizona - Jack in the Box
  • Arkansas - Sonic
  • California - Jack in the Box
  • Colorado - Qdoba
  • Connecticut - Jersey Mike's
  • Delaware - Chick-fil-A
  • District of Columbia - Shake Shack
  • Florida - Wendy's
  • Georgia - Chick-fil-A
  • Hawaii - Panda Express
  • Idaho - Papa Murphy's
  • Illinois - Jimmy John's
  • Indiana - Arby's
  • Iowa - Jimmy John's
  • Kansas - Sonic
  • Kentucky - Papa John's
  • Louisiana - Popeyes
  • Maine - Subway
  • Maryland - Chipotle
  • Massachusetts - Panera Bread
  • Michigan - Little Caesars
  • Minnesota - Jimmy John's
  • Mississippi - Sonic
  • Missouri - Taco Bell
  • Montana - Wendy's
  • Nebraska - Arby's
  • Nevada - Jack in the Box
  • New Hampshire - Five Guys
  • New Jersey - Jersey Mike's
  • New Mexico - Sonic
  • New York - Shake Shack
  • North Carolina - Bojangles
  • North Dakota - Subway
  • Ohio - Wendy's
  • Oklahoma - Sonic
  • Oregon - Papa Murphy's
  • Pennsylvania - Wendy's
  • Rhode Island - Burger King
  • South Carolina - Bojangles
  • South Dakota - Taco John's
  • Tennessee - Hardee's
  • Texas  -  Whataburger
  • Utah - Wendy's
  • Vermont - Subway
  • Virginia - Hardee's
  • Washington - MOD Pizza
  • West Virginia - Wendy's
  • Wisconsin - Culver's
  • Wyoming - Taco John's
    Source: / Derick Migliacci

Just because curiosity killed the cat, the legendary Whataburger is the most loved by Texans. It is a burger that is a beef patty, fresh veggies, melted cheese, and that signature Whataburger sauce creating Heaven on earth a flavor explosion if you ask me. It’s a Texas favorite and a must-try for anyone visiting Texas Y'all.

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