The Texas panhandle is on fire; unfortunately, there appears to be little or no relief this weekend.

With over 1 million acres burned so far and, at the time of this report, only 5% under control, this disaster has been declared the largest wildfire in recorded history for the Great State of Texas.

Fox 4 in Dallas/Ft Worth is reporting two deaths have been recorded in this out-of-control blaze, so far. Amarillo resident Cindy Owen died in an Oklahoma City Burn Unit of injuries sustained trying to escape what they are calling the Smokehouse Creek Fire. Another woman, Joyce Blankenship, 83, perished in her home due the the fire.

Fox 4 is also reporting that several thousand head of cattle have died because of this fire as well.

From Space?

That's a big fire when you can see it from space, and you can. Check out the satellite images in the video below:

According to Fox Weather, there was snow falling in the Amarillo area on Thursday which brought some relief but not near enough.

Panhandle forecast for the weekend?

Drying out, windy, and warming up this weekend, none of that is good news for the residents and firefighters trying to get this blaze under control.

Say some prayers for the Texas Panhandle and Oklahoma residents, livestock, and wildlife in the path of this wildfire.

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