There is an intense rivalry between Texas and California. The political beliefs between the two states is the complete opposite. The way the state's economies are run are completely different. You would need to be a multi-millionaire to live comfortably in California compared to Texas where you don't have to be. Californians also have a hard time grasping things we consider perfectly normal living here. In particular, there is one aspect of Texas living that any California transplant needs to accept, without question, either before or after moving here...manners.

Texas Living

Anyone who grew up in Texas knows there is a certain respect that is giving to others around us. We have a huge respect for law enforcement because we know the extremely difficult job they have every day. We have a huge respect for our military and military veterans because we know they have or had the difficult job of protecting our country. We have a huge respect for our elders because of the knowledge and wisdom they can pass down to us on a daily basis.

What You, the California Transplant, Needs to Learn About Our Manners

It's simple. We show our respect for the people above, and anyone else really, by our manners. When we say "yes ma'am" or "no sir", we are not calling you old, which many of you believe. We are simply replying to you in a respectful manner. When we hold a door open for you, we do not believe you are uncapable of operating a door, we consider it being polite and helpful. When we wave at you, that is our "thank you" because we can't say it or in a spot where you won't be able to hear it. A simply wave back acknowledges the "thank you."

That's It

Learn that our manners are not an insult. They are a symbol of respect in our neck of the woods.

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