Just a shade under an hour's drive south of Austin, TX, you will find the oldest high school in The Lone Star State, and given the year it was established there is zero chance anyone from this school's first graduating class is still alive.

A few years ago I visited my old high school for the first time in perhaps too long. The building was brand new my freshman year, which meant that my class had the distinction of being the first graduating class to attend all four years of high school in it - that's right, we were the first class that got to be Hillcrest Knights for a full four years. And we took pride in it.

I was surprised at how, now nearly 25 years later, the school looked as old as it did, but y'all, it's nowhere near close to how old the oldest high school in Texas is.

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Family minded compiled a list of the oldest high schools in each state, and the oldest in Texas was established in 1845, almost 180 years ago, the same year that Texas formally achieved statehood.

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From its beginning up until 2008, New Braunfels High School was one of the largest 4A high schools in Texas. As of 2016, it's been classified as a 6A school by the University Interscholastic League.

New Braunfels High School embraces our district mission statement of Every Student, Every Day.  We believe we provide an environment that mixes compassion and understanding with accountability.  We believe in building rapport and relationships with students. Our goal is to provide students with a safe school environment allowing them the opportunity to excel in all areas they pursue.

When was the last time you visited your old high school? It may be time for a little reunion.

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EDIT: This was originally published January 18, 2024

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