Keeping up with proposed legislation isn't most people's idea of a good time. A fair majority of the stuff isn't all that interesting. However, once in a while some things come along that get the old gray-matter working overtime.

For instance, there's a chance we could see the speed limit getting lowered. Honestly, I think it might be a good idea. Hear me out.

What Is SB 1663 In Texas?

Basically it's a piece of legislation that would allow municipalities to lower the speed limit in residential areas to 20 miles per hour. My initial reaction when I read that was to blow my top.

While I appreciate the safety of school zones, driving 20mph anywhere other than those school zones sounds like torture.

However, once I took a deep breath and pretended to be an adult for half a second I realized that this might not actually be that bad of an idea. There's actually one really good reason that immediately came to mind.

The Hope Is That Slower Speed Limits Means Less Pedestrian Deaths

At least for some proponents. I'm sure there's a few among us that just like driving slow without getting honked at who just aren't brave enough to come forward.

Those who are in support of the bill point to the fact that a person is more likely to walk about from a pedestrian-vehicle collision if the vehicle is traveling slower. You really can't argue with that one.

Especially when you consider the number of headlines and news reports we've seen in Amarillo alone regarding pedestrians being struck by a vehicle. It's tragic that it happens, and I can totally understand coming up with legislation like this.

Mark this date on your calendar. It's one of the few times you'll hear me admit something like that.

Opponents say that we should be able to travel as we want, and they aren't wrong. You should be able to freely move about. Just within the speed limit, which we do pretty much everywhere we go.

The bill will see it's fate possibly decided today (5/23/23).

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