Crazy Video Shows Man Breaking Stuff at Texas Whataburger Soda Machine.

We're going to analyze the video at the end of this article without any context, just like we always do.

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The lady recording this says, "He wanted some water but sheesh!"

Whenever I see someone acting like this, I think maybe they need to eat something because their blood sugar might be low. It's like that Snickers commercial where they say, "You're not you when you're hungry."


Falling Down

So, this guy is smashing the soda fountain, but all the stuff he's breaking is meant to be removed. He might feel like a tough guy, like Michael Douglas in "Falling Down," but it'll probably only take a worker two minutes to fix what he did. In fact, they probably take those off to clean them anyway.

Did the man ask for water and not get it? Because instead of messing with the soda machine, he could've just gone to the water tap. Why didn't he just drink from it if he was causing trouble anyway? Maybe he needed a cup for something else. We'll never know. I do find it funny how the employee just stands there, waiting for him to stop.


Take a Look

Remember, you're not you when you're hungry! Take a look at the chaos for yourself down below:


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