Shocking Footage Emerges of Tarrant County Deputy's Intense Confrontation in Fort Worth Robbery.

On Monday, November 27, 2023, at 3:42 p.m., the Fort Worth Police Department went to the Fort Worth Community Credit Union because someone shot a Tarrant County Sheriff’s Deputy there. This happened on Brentwood Stair Road at the 6500 block.

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When the police got there, they saw that the bank's front glass was broken. They went inside and made sure the area was safe. They didn't find the person who did it, but they found the deputy who got shot, and they helped him right away.


Here's what they found out: At around 3:37 p.m., a person named Leland Williams, 35 years old, went into the bank. He gave a fake name and said he wanted to open a bank account. Williams went up to the counter a few times without being called. But during his last try, he showed a gun and shot Deputy Brent Brown, who was working there in his police uniform. Even though Deputy Brown got hurt, he shot back at Williams. Because of that, Williams couldn't shoot at the bank worker, and he ran away on foot.


The police got to the bank at 3:43 p.m. and quickly got information from witnesses about which way Williams ran. People in a nearby neighborhood also told the police that Williams might have gone into a house on Lynnwood Hills Drive.

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The SWAT team from Fort Worth went to that house. They got Williams without any trouble after a short time. No one else, like other police officers or regular people, got hurt.


Williams is now in the Tarrant County Jail, and he has to pay $1 million to get out. He's charged with trying to kill a police officer, which is a very serious crime.

The police are still looking into what happened. Deputy Brown, who has worked with the Tarrant County Sheriff's Office since 2011, is getting better from his injuries. The Fort Worth Police Department is sharing parts of videos from police cameras and the bank's cameras so people can understand more about what happened.

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