Here's something I learned you can do in Texas.

Big Game Hunting Ranches Are Nothing New in Texas

If you're someone that loves to hunt, you have many opportunities to do so all over Texas. A popular option for folks that have a little more cash, is hunting on a ranch. You could expect to see deer and turkeys for sure. However at some, they delve into the more exotic species and some folks have a problem with what they offer.

Hunting Ranch Lets You Hunt Endangered Animals

I was unaware this was a thing at some of these hunting ranches. Some of them have imported animals from across the world for you to hunt. Once again, nothing I am shocked to see here. However, some of these places are importing animals that are on the endangered species list. Pictured above is an Addax antelope that is native to Africa. According to the endangered species list, the animal is currently listed as critically endangered. For the minimum price of $8,000, you can hunt one in Mingus, Texas.

Another animal you can hunt on the ranch is a scimitar-horned oryx. Also on the endangered species list, this one though is not critically endangered. You can hunt this one, for $7,500 at that same ranch in Mingus, Texas.

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Personally, I have no issue with someone hunting. I understand if no one was hunting we would have an overpopulation of several animals throughout the country. However, these animals are not overpopulated in their home countries. So why are we importing them to Texas, just to kill them? That seems very weird to me. Anyone interested in hunting, go nuts on that hog population for me please.

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