If you do your hunting or fishing Oklahoma. Be prepared to pay a little extra.

Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt Signed Senate Bill 941 into Law

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Attention hunters and fishers in Oklahoma, you're about to have BIG changes go into effect on July 1st, 2024. Now that the bill has been officially signed by the governor. One of the biggest changes is that your license is now good for the entire year, instead of just six months as it was previously.

New Fishing License Prices in Oklahoma

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If you're an adult resident in Oklahoma, your fishing license will go from $24 to $30. Honestly, not that much of an increase. However if you're not an Oklahoma resident, that license will go from $54 to $80.

New Hunting License Prices in Oklahoma

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The bill includes changes such as increasing the lifetime combination hunting-fishing license from $775 to $1,024. Non-resident archers now buy a $300 deer hunting license. Next season, they will be required to purchase a $500 deer license plus a non-resident hunting license, increasing from $175 to $208.

Why the Increase in License Fees?

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“It’s been 20 years now since we have done any kind of fee increase,” Senate author Dave Bullard said in a media statement. “So, this was … to go back in, analyze it, see what our inflationary costs have been and reanalyze the need.” The Oklahoma Wildlife Conservation Commission will submit a report every five years to see if license fees will need to be increased based on on the latest Consumer Price Index.

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These new license fees will help The Oklahoma Wildlife Conservation Commission and also give a raise to local game wardens in Oklahoma. You can read more about the license fees in Tulsa World.

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