How do you get kids to never skip school? Offer them a free vehicle at the end of the year.

Laredo, Texas Students Have a Chance to Win a Free Vehicle?

Today I learned that a local car dealership in Laredo, Texas has been partnering up with the Laredo ISD for the past 11 years. The goal is simple, give kids an incentive to show up to school every day. At the end of the year, the students that never missed a day have a chance to win a brand new vehicle, this year it was a 2024 Ford Maverick.

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Four finalists were chosen from each of the four Laredo ISD high schools for a chance to win the truck.

Hector J. Garcia Early College High School were:

  • Fatima Gonzalez
  • Melina Hernandez
  • Miguel Aparicio
  • Alessandra Barbarena.

Dr. Leonides G. Cigarroa High School finalists included:

  • Darian Cerda
  • Jared Velazquez
  • Juan Escobar
  • Alexis Balderas.

The finalists from Raymond and Tirza Martin High School were:

  • Rey D. Vallejo
  • Valeria Cantu
  • Gabriel A. Ramos
  • Aldo Alarcon

The finalists from J.W. Nixon High School:

  • Jose Sanchez
  • Luis Morin
  • Maximiliano Torres
  • Kelly Y. Morales

Any of the students that did not win the brand new truck were awarded with a pair of Airpods. Sadly, not everyone could win the truck, but a sophomore at Raymond and Tirza Martin High School was the lucky winner. Yes, a kid without a driver's license was the lucky winner.

Gabriel Ramos Wins Truck for Perfect Attendance

According to LMTOnline, Gabriel plans to take his driver education courses in school next semester. That way once he is legally able to drive, he can take this brand new truck out for spin. Hopefully his mom at least let's him cruise it around the parking lot occasionally for practice.

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The Laredo ISD had 175 days of school this past year and students needed to attend every day for a chance to win a truck. Speaking on behalf of all students everywhere, offer me a brand new vehicle and that will get kids to school.

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