Does anyone like to lose? I know I sure don’t. 

And I’ll go ahead and throw it out there – I'm a downright sore loser. Yep, I get mad as all get out any time I don’t come out on top. 

Not that I get mad at the person I’m competing against. Good on them for winning. No, it’s just that I have no patience with myself. I expect to be good at everything I try, even though I know that’s unrealistic.

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My hatred for losing is so intense that I refuse to do anything I’m not good at. For example, I quit playing football after two years because I wasn’t a starter. And I love football. It’s just that I sucked at it. 

Did I mention that I grew up in Vernon, Texas where football is life? Oh yeah, and I graduated in 1991. This means I could have ridden the bench and been part of one of the greatest state championship teams the Lone Star State has ever seen. 

But I guess that’s just the Texan in me. 

You see, the website Captain Gambling did a study to determine how people in each U.S. state cope with losing. And when it comes to Texas, 40% of us get angry when we lose. 

That said, we’re not the sorest losers in the country. That would be our neighbors to the east in Arkansas, where 83% of those who participated in the study admitted to getting angry after a loss. 

In other words, I would fit right in in Arkansas. Well, when it comes to losing, anyway.

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