My only question is what took so long? 

Even though Whataburger’s majority ownership has been based in Chicago since the sell went down back in 2019, it will always be considered a Texas thing. Nothing screams “Texas” like the iconic orange and white “W.”

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So, it was only a matter of time before Whataburger found its way into the home of the world champion Texas Rangers (I still smile every time I say or type that). 

Of course, haters are going to hate because that’s what they do. And seeing as there are plenty of Whataburger haters out there, it’s no surprise that some are taking a swipe at the fast-food chain on Twitter. 

Admittedly some of the comments are pretty funny. Many are poking fun at the slow wait times Whataburger has a reputation for. And of course, how high the prices will be. 

But I’m a Whataburger lover. There’s one right around the corner for my home, so I’m there quite a bit. In fact, I destroyed one of their legendary Patty Melts just yesterday. 

So, I have nothing but high praise for the move. Well, except for one thing. 

In the picture shared in the below post from X, we see an orange and white Rangers jersey. This is kind of a problem considering the fact that our arch-enemies wear orange. Other than that, bring it on, baby.

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