With construction underway at City Hall currently, something will not be coming back once it is completed that could affect your water bill payment.

Wichita Falls City Hall Under Construction Until 2026

In case you were unaware, the City of Wichita Falls is completely redoing City Hall and also Memorial Auditorium. If you're in need of something at a former City Hall office, they have moved to other downtown buildings. A full list can be found on the City of Wichita Falls website. For instance, the utility department where you pay your water bill is now located in the Wichita Tower building at 800 Indiana Avenue on the first floor.

Changes Coming to How You Pay Your Water Bill in Wichita Falls

The good news is that if you have your bill set up to auto pay, this will not affect you at all. Folks that go to pay their water bill in person will have to deal with some changes while the City Hall is under construction. Obviously you now need to go to the Wichita Tower building for the time being. However once construction is complete, the drive thru kiosk will not be coming back.

If you decide to pay your water bill in person in Wichita Falls, you could walk into City Hall and visit the utility department. Back in 2014, a new drive thru kiosk was installed so you could pay your bill 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This feature will not be coming back to the new city hall once construction is complete. Why? According to Times Record News, only 3% of Wichita Falls citizens were using it to begin with.

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This is not going to affect that many people, but I am sure those folks are going to aggravated they now have to get out of their vehicle to pay their water bill. We will see if any other things will be going away with our new City Hall in the future.

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