I love going to the State Fair. One of the main reasons is to check out all the crazy food. If you can deep fry it, you can find it at the fair. The experts at the Texas State Fair recently had a taste test and named the big winners for this year's fair.

State Fair Food

Of course you have to try the funnel cakes and the big corn dogs along with a turkey leg. But if you want to live on the wild side, check out some of the many specialty items you will find at the food booths.

They have named a winner in the "savory", "sweet" and "most creative" categories. All of these look delicious. You will also see some of the other finalists for this years' fair.

I just wanna put this out there. If any of the folks at the Louisiana State Fair need a taste tester for the foods on the menu this year, I am happy to help.

The Texas State Fair opens Friday, September 30th through October 23rd in Dallas. The Louisiana State Fair runs October 27 - November 13th in Shreveport.

Food Winners Announced for the Texas State Fair

How many of these dishes will you try on a visit to the Texas State Fair this year?

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