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When looking for an extremely underrated sport, especially at the collegiate level, my vote goes to cheerleading.

Not only does it take an incredible amount of strength, but the coordination that goes into cheer is unreal. I mean, have you seen the routines they do? I can barely do a summersault without worrying I'll hurt myself and they get thrown up into the air while doing flips as if it’s as easy as walking.

Obviously, every cheerleader is strong, but when it comes to sheer strength and weightlifting, the bases that support the girls during their stunts are crazy strong. You could look up any Texas Tech national championship performance to see just how talented these athletes are, but I have a great example of just how strong they really are.

Kollin Mark Cockrell is a Texas Tech cheerleader who has over 200k followers on TikTok and 4 million likes on his videos. He is a three times national partner stunt champion, and he posts lots of content showing off his skills alongside his teammates.

One video in particular, blew up and showed the sheer strength these cheer guys have. Two of the girls on the team got on either side of the bar, acting as weights, and he push pressed them straight over his head not once, not twice, but six times.

Not only does this show the strength this athlete has, but it also shows the control the girls have as they hold themselves steady for him to lift.

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